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I just recently moved to Utah from Florida, hauling my computer with me. After getting the cable set up (some new wireless modem that comcast gave us) we were able to connect to the internet once, after putting in the password, but after that the next day our computer would not recognize any networks at all, it's just say no connections are available.

I already:
-restarted computer,
-reset modem (we used to have a router and a cable modem but now only the wireless modem)
-rolled-back drivers,
-disabled then re-enable driver (did NOT uninstall or reinstall)
-opened the computer up, take out the adapter, tryed and got the dust off
-unscrewed and rescrewed antenna
- tested a laptop, and it had an internet connection
- and probably a few other things which I can't remember

Last time on the computer, I uninstalled a few things with revo, ran registry cleaner, browsed internet, and installed a new nvidia driver (after the problems arose). I was able to install a netgear wireless usb adapter (which is how I'm on the internet right now), but it frequently gitters and I can't use the NetGear for very long seeing as how a different computer uses it.

We don't have the original cd (probably in florida or another box)
We do have the router used previously, but i figured with a wireless modem, why use it?

And yup, any help would be great, thank you. (Sorry if I left any info you need out, first time doing this)
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  1. You are correct, with the newer wireless modem and router combo's you really don't need to hook up your old router. But at least you have it as a last resort, if all else fails i say hook it up.

    Have you gone into the router settings, then into the network settings on your PC's connection to make sure all of the security information, SSID name and all that stuff is correct on the PC? Make sure it actually saved everything you entered when you could first connect.

    You could also try running the wireless network set up wizard again and setting up a new default connection.

    What brand and model number is the wireless adapter giving you problems (if you happen to know. Having the CD is usually no needed as most companies have the same set up files on their website, so you may want to look for those first and run that to see if it solves the issue.
  2. I have the router, but have not yet installed it - perhaps tomorrow I'll check.

    I don't understand how I can do into router settings if I don't have a router up, but I'm sure we have the right information - on the card (not sure if card is the right term with an antenna on it) it can't find ANY wireless networks, whereas with the netgear usb adapter (which is less powerful I'd assume) can find 3 networks, all with great strength.

    The new wireless network set up couldn't find anything, just ends up searching for a new router or access point (which there isn't one).

    It's a Linksys WMP54G - Wireless-G PCI Adapter Version 4.1

    I looked up drivers for it - first attempt through windows failed, I download one set of drivers but couldn't install them, and finally I downloaded Drivers Max and that really helped me find and install the driver - but nothing changed after that.

    Additional Info:
    Whenever I did not have the netgear in and I wasn't receiving internet, I ran windows troubleshooter and it came up as the linksys card having hardware-related problems.

    I tried to System Restore and it wouldn't go back to the day that it actually worked.

    Thanks for any help
  3. Still looking for an answer before I just throw in the towel and buy a new adapter :(
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