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I was wondering: IF Intels work with a lower wattage, and AMD almost 2x some Intels.... does that mean AMD should be the one that runs hotter? If so, why test a cpu cooler that cools an already cooler cpu, when all the time they NEED to be testing the cpu thats practically on fire? Im just curious about which one runs physically hotter, to help make sense as to what criteria they use to test a cooler...
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  1. NO
  2. CPUs are rated with TDPs in Wattage. The higher the TDP the more the heat it produces. The CPU converts electricity into heat as it is processing.
    The more wattage for the CPU the more heat will need to be displaced.
    That's why you find CPU coolers listing stats like
    "180W CPU Compatible!!!!! WOWSA SNAP".
  3. @op - you are thinking on the right track but you forget that intels do twice* as much work per clock as an AMD so in the end they run just as hot.

    * twice is used just as an example, Architexture and lithography makes just as much a difference.
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