What rating is my pc rig?

hi guys, this is my PC spec at my signature...

P/S: gonna change the mobo to z77 soon, and my RAM to 1600..

but presently, is my pc rig can be considered a budget gaming pc? or a normal gaming pc?
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  1. This is the good game PC, but the CPU cooler limits you OC your 2500K .
  2. +1 good build. In Windows 7 you can run WEI and get a general idea of your PC performance.

    1. Open the Control panel.

    2. Click on System and Security.

    3. Click on System.

    4. Click on Windows Experience Index.

    You could also download, install and run a free benchmark utility.
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    Ah I see what you mean. You should only get the z77 board if you are going to overclock your CPU...which you should...but besides that your system is pretty nice from what we can tell. Truthfully no one 'needs' to overclock (dont tell your girl that), and you will probably go on with your current system for another year or two easily.
  4. wow, thx guys!! now i am falling more in love with my pc!
  5. agreed good pc
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