[Solved] EVGA GTX 680 - Utilize 3 Monitors? HDMI vs. DP?

I'm looking to add a third monitor to my 680 via HDMI or DP.

Present set-up is two monitors (17" via DVI-D, and a 22" via DVI-D) and I will be upgrading to a 27" main gaming monitor (other two will not be used for gaming, just web, etc.) with HDMI or DP.

Now my question is, since this isn't going to be a 2D/3D Surround set-up, will I be able to use the HDMI/DP ports to support a third monitor?
I have been doing some research from Google and so forth, but haven't found a 'for sure' answer to what I am trying to do will work or not. So, I decided to go ahead and post this real fast to see if anyone can shed some light on what I am trying to do.

Other question, which I just started looking into, but I'll go ahead and ask... Is going straight HDMI to HDMI better over HDMI to DisplayPort?

Thanks for any advice, or suggestions in advance.

[Edit] - Works like a charm. Next task is to get the HDMI as the boot up display for the BIOS.
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  1. You can use Nvidia Surround and plug in the last monitor with the HDMI to HDMI.
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    HDMI to HDMI is better because it eliminates the need for adapter.

    It will work without surround.
  3. Thank you for the quick replays. I will give it a go soon as the monitor I had my eye on is restocked. I'll post again if any issues.
  4. Okay good luck :).
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