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Hey all, I have had this card: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102929 for awhile and just recently picked up this card: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102987 to crossfire the two. Installation of the second card went pretty well and from what I understood, all I would have to do after bridging the two is enable the second card in the catalyst.

When I booted up the computer catalyst had already recognized the card and enabled SLI/Xfire for me. I checked in Sapphire Trixx to look at both cards and then stepped away from the computer for just 2 minutes. When I came back I had a BSOD and panicked thinking that maybe I had installed something wrong or that it had overheated or god knows what. I restarted the computer, chcked out Trixx again and saw that the two cards had different memory clocks (may have been GPU clocks idk) and I matched them to the lower of the two. From then on I didn't get a BSOD for another 2 days (I've had trixx load when I start windows and it matches both memory clocks to 1250 and gpu clock to 800). The temperature I'm getting is idling around 50-52.

I seem to randomly be getting this BSOD (three times since last week Friday). I know when the BSOD is oncoming because everything moves very slowly. When making the selection box with the mouse you can see it lagging/crawling and opening and closing windows is very similar (looks like it's stuttering a bit).

The only difference between the cards that I see is driver and bios versions. Do these need to be the same, I don't know. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it a lot.
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  1. Whats the temps when it's actually running slow?

    Also, try installing the 12.6 Beta and see if you still have issues.

  2. fantastik250 said:
    Whats the temps when it's actually running slow?

    Also, try installing the 12.6 Beta and see if you still have issues.


    It starts to run slow just after the computer starts and BSODs a few minutes after. The temps seem pretty normal while this is happening (50ish).
  3. Okay, try the drivers and see how it works out.
  4. I don't think that the 12.6 beta worked. I installed and decided to mess around and benchmark with Heaven but it froze and I decided to restart. Got a BSOD and had to restart again and then everything was a little messed up... like the start bar was stretching across all my monitors instead of just staying on one and there were some blurry lines on the monitors and things were a little slow so I restarted again and things are fine for now...

    Edit: I got Heaven to run properly and I'm seeing no difference in fps between having Xfire enabled and disabled with this catalyst version... I guess I should switch back to 12.3?
  5. Yea, it seems it's a better driver for you at the moment.
  6. Unfortunately this doesn't solve my BSOD problem. Any clues to what I should do about this? When the computer boots up I do notice in trixx that the cards also have different interfaces for a bit. I think one of them says something 2.0 and other 1.1 but then they come the same.
  7. Some may say that it won't affect you. But, what you have told me is kind of crucial. You definitely need both cards to have the same 2.0 specs.
  8. I have linked both cards in the OP, could you confirm whether or not they are compatible? I just find it weird that the cards can go from working fine with obvious fps increase to BSOD every once and awhile on startup.
  9. Well, one is definitely an (Overclock) OC edition. You have to match the clocks on the other card (Flex version).
  10. I did match the clocks. Does it matter if I downclock the OC edition or OC the Flex version? Also I'm having a huge problem right now...

    I uninstalled the 12.6 beta catalyst and when my computer restarted I CONSTANTLY get a BSOD so I can't reinstall my 12.3... I'm currently in safe mode w/ networking. What exactly should I do lol.
  11. Nope. It will work. Try downclocked both cards and see what kind of result you get in your games.
  12. If you check the edit of my last post you can see that I'm having a BSOD problem. I'm in safemode and from what I can tell the driver has been uninstalled but when I try to install a new one it says failed to load detection drivers.

    Edit: System restore also failed... I'm going to sleep and go to work/school tomorrow. I'll check back here when I'm home and try to get things working again tomorrow. :(
  13. Uninstall your drivers. Turn off computer, uninstall both cards from motherboard, install only one card and update driver. Turn off computer again, remove updated card, and put the other graphics card in and update drivers.
  14. Is there a certain program I can use to uninstall my drivers? I'm not sure if driversweep actually works well or not.
  15. It does sweep all components of the driver, so yes driver sweeper works.
  16. Hey I finally got things back together again. I'm back on Catalyst 12.3 and so far no BSOD yet (I'm still expecting it though...). Current problem is that my FPS seems to be just as low as though I was running off a single card despite crossfire being enabled and both cards being recognized. Anyone with any ideas? :(
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