Need Help with Brother's Build

Ok, so originally, we were both planning on getting i5 2500k and seeing who could overclock farther. But, he broke his hand last week, and as a result of the hospital bill, that is out of the question.

So, right now, he has the case, heatsink, keyboard & mouse, and ram.

Budget for the rest of the build needs to be around roughly $350. Yes, I understand that is a stretch, but here's the good thing: He will be going to an i5 later, so he just needs a 1155 starter. But it can't be crap, he actually has to use the build for right now lol.

Btw, no graphics card needed. Will be doing that later.

OR, if you think an AMD build would be easier, he said he would consider it.

Motherboard we were looking at:

PSU: Not PFC, but still efficient
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  1. saying this right now while its out

    1) if you are planning to OC you will not be able to with that board

    2) if you plan on getting a GPU upgrade to at least 500W PSU

    3) i would would say to try out an i3+z77 board then upgrade into i5

    option 1: just use the library to use online needs to save up money for i5 2500k or 3570k+decent z77 mobo and PSU

    option 2: find a microcenter nearby(if there is one or if you are going to visit a place and might as well buy over there) and get an i5 3570k+ASrock z77 MOBO for around $280+tax
  2. 1) Yes you can overclock with that board.
    2) He isn't getting huge graphics. The most he will ever get is probably 7770.

    That was a z77 board

    Sorry, don't live near microcenter, I should have put that.
  3. Don't take what I said as condescending, that wasn't my intention. But I know he won't need more than that for a psu, because I got the same psu, and I'm running an oc'd i5 2500k and a 6850
  4. 1) yes my bad you are right, that board can over clock
    2) also wrong since it is a z75 board which has a little bit less features than a z77 board

    i would personally take this combo

    which saves the rest for the PSU

    reason why i went with this
    1)uses a newer CPU that has a better onboard video than i5 2500k
    2)uses less power than i5 2500k
    3)(bit of a con) will not overclock as high as i5 2500k(but clock per clock it is faster than i5 2500k)
    4)it is only a bit more than what you are about to get anyways which is z75 pro3+i5 2500k which is about $207(@ superbiiz)+$87(@newegg) that comes out into$209

    this combo is $307(free shipping on newegg) and it adds the SSD cache feature that is not available to z75 boards(meaning it will help with some speeds)
  5. Honestly, I don't see the point of getting a z77, cuz the only thing you are getting different from the z75 is the Intel SSD thing, which neither him nor I need. Its the mobo I'm using as well, with an SSD, and he already thinks my system boots faster than the speed of light lol.
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