Sharing files between desktop and laptop using a router

Can someone please assist me. I have been trying to share drives between my dekstop and laptop using a router. I have connected both PCs to the router and has made changes to the file sharing enability to both. However, when I changed the ip address to and respectively, the one using the ip add could not access internet. And if I set both to default networks, my laptop failed to see the shared drive. Help me please.
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  1. Try .3 instead of .1 and see if that works.
  2. MysticMiner said:
    Try .3 instead of .1 and see if that works.

    Thks. But it doesn't work either. Furthermore I am sharing the router amongst 3 computers; 2 dektop and 1 laptop.
  3. Check and make sure they're also all set to the same Workgroup.
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