Which graphic card better for300$ including psu

i want to upgrade my pc
my current system
i3 540 CPU 3.07GHz
mobo asus p7
4gb ram
benq monitor 1080p resolution
graphic card gts450 :hello:
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  1. Hello.

    What is your budget and what games will you play?
  2. PSU $65 after rebate


    GPU $209 after rebate

    zotac goes for 200 w/o rebate as well if you don't like the process. Good Luck

  3. Sorry my bad I didn't see the title for some reason :D

    I'd suggest this combo:

    The GTX 480 is quite a bit faster than GTX 560 Ti :).
  4. Why get HD 7850 for much more than GTX 480 when GTX 480 performs better? :<
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