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I am looking to purchase a new laptop that is around $500 at BestBuy. I would prefer either Samsung or Asus as my number one choice. If it is neither of those 2 then I'd like Dell then HP. Thanks
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  1. What is the laptop to be used for?
    Do you care about size/portability and battery life?
    What programs will you run?
    Do you care about aesthetics?
  2. Laptop will be used for mostly basic computing needs. Web browsing, videos, editing words docs. Nothing too extensive. I would still like at least a 2nd gend i3 and 4 gigs of ram.

    I would like a 13-15.6" screen. Preferably under 6 lbs. Battery life should range from 5-10 hours

    Programs: Microsoft Office, IE, Firefox, Maybe a few games like Minecraft. Shouldnt be anything that requires a high end pc

    Yes i care about aesthetics. I would like a laptop that looks nice and is comfortable to use.
  3. An i3 based laptop isn't going to give that kind of battery life unless you find one with a particularly big battery.

    Your ideal laptop would be something like this I think:

    The cheapest you will find one of those is ~$700 though. To get something at $500 you will either need to make a compromise in performance or battery life. If you prefer good battery life, an E-450 based laptop would be fine. I have the MSI X370 myself and the battery life is insane, I can get 10 hours of light use if I'm careful.

    You should be able to find the X370 for $500.

    If you would prefer to sacrifice battery life for performance, you could go for basically any i3/i5 or A6/A8 laptop.
  4. I said 5-10 hours. I didnt really expect that I would get a laptop with a 10 hour battery, it was more of a hope. Also I said that I was going to buy a laptop at bestbuy and that the companies i prefer were in this order samsung, asus, dell, and hp as a last resort. I think I have already made my decision but I wanted a second opinion.
  5. Yeah even 5 hours is going to be hard with a standard i3 laptop, think you would be looking at 2-4 hours depending on usage.

    I'm just making suggestions, I know every single criteria wasn't correct. Just trying to help.

    I just used Newegg for reference because they have a lot of different stock.
  6. When I said 5-10 hours I didn't mean I was going to sit there and use it for 5-10 hours straight. That was also including standby and sleep mode, etc. There are i5 laptops that can get 7-8 hours on a single charge so I dont know why an i3 would. Of course those laptops are usually not $500 and the laptops I want probably have smaller batteries. Thanks for you help though
  7. hi qwerty this is my choice in your specifications it is a nice Samsung laptop with 6GB ram it has windows 7 and 5 hour battery life. see what you think
  8. I was looking at that before and it seems to be a good choice except for the following:

    1. It is not available at any retail Best Buy stores near me

    2. It has no usb 3.0 ports (not a big problem buy usb 2.0 is already obsolete)

    3. Also not a big problem since every laptop around this price range has a 13366x768 resolution on a 15.6" screen

    The only reason I can't get it is because its not available to me and I don't want to buy it online. I would like to try the laptop and see how well it works before buying it.
  9. I wouldnt worry at all about USB 3 in terms of compatibility, it is backwards compatible.
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