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I want to assemble a list of components for my friends gaming PC and I just had a couple of questions before I did so. I was wondering if the GTX 550 was good enough to play the latest games and if yes how good?? Also would 4gb so gaming be fine or should it be 8gb.

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  1. I assume your mean CPU not GPU?? I'll recommending that he get's an i5 2500k, and whatever PSU he needs at the end of it all.
  2. He hasn't given me a budget (he's useless) he just wants me to give him the best cheap option. I was thinking about the GTX 560 but I wasn't sure about the 550. If he has the money I would go up to 570.
  3. What could you compare it's performance to in a GTX scale, 570, 560, 550??
  4. Thanks what about the 450??
  5. Lol, don't worry. Let's say I want a gaming PC for $700 or less. Can you give me a rough idea of the parts I should use :D
  6. Thanks heaps for your time :D
  7. Hey is there a way I could contact you in the future with more questions??
  8. @ Recon: Nice suggestions, I've used some of your suggestions but made a few changes here and there to cut costs a little further without sacrificing performance (Also I wouldn't buy a refurb HDD)


    ASRock Z68 Extreme3

    CORSAIR Vengeance 4GB

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2

    EVGA GTX 480

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM


    Total $755 ($30 saving)
  9. Thanks heaps both of you for this advice. I don't have steam Recon but I'll write your naem down somewhere and PM you if I need some advice :D Thanks Gotham :D
  10. Question: why does everyone buy the newer cards if the old ones are just as good?? I'm also building a gaming PC and I was either going to get the 570 or 670. Is there a catch with going for a 480 over a 570??
  11. Wow. How does getting 2 video cards work?? Could I get 2 480's. The charts show that would be better than a single 690. But are their any complications to doing this??
  12. I'm not sure I was thinking it would be relatively simple (obviously I'm a complete newby). Could you please tell me more about what's required before I make that decision. :D
  13. To be honest I have nothing at the moment except a list. But I'm definetly open to changing that (as I've already done over 100 time :D). Could we continue on a hypothetical basis with the knowledge that I am serious about potentially doing this :D
  14. Cool, would this motherboard do the job:

    Would I need to invest in extra fans to combat the heat or even a water cooling system, and if so what sort??
  15. I'll take that into consideration thanks.

    But would the one I mentioned last post do the job??
  16. I think I'll go with the Z77 :D Thing is I live in New Zealand and PC prices here are astronomical and so are the shipping prices. I'm going to Australia for a holiday in a few months and that's when I plan on getting the parts. So I am slightly more limited to the selection I would have in the USA. Is your PC good for editing and multitasking or is it a mainly Gaming PC.
  17. That's great to hear because a lot of people were telling me that I should upgrade to an i7 with 16gb of Ram if I wanted to do all that.
  18. What about the all important case, In order to do all this should I be getting a full tower case?? Or would Mid-Tower be ok?? If so what's a good case on a budget :)
  19. Thanks heaps. That looks like great value for money, is there any other you could recommend?? I have some more options that I would like your opinion on:

    Aywun GAME EXTREME Series X01 Black mid tower
    SST "Redline series" RL01B-W-USB3 Black
    Corsair Carbide 400R Black Mid-Tower Case

    Thanks heaps for your time thus far :D
  20. Are the other two good for this??
  21. This is where I'm getting my parts:

    Could you look at the cases and make a pick on which ones the best for price and airflow, I know you've already done so much for me and I understand if you want to stop helping me at some point, thanks :D
  22. Hmmmm interesting, I think I'll go with the Carbide 400 because it's the cheapest.

    I see you have 1000w of power. Would I need that much or could I get away with 850w, 750w etc... :)
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  24. Looks great, so this is what my build looks like now:
    CPU: i5 2500k
    GPU: 2X GTX 480's
    Ram: 8GB (not sure about brand yet)
    Mobo: ASRock Z77
    Case: Corsair Carbide 400R
    PSU: 850w (brand not decided but I think I'll go with your suggestion)

    I know this is missing a few components but I'll get to them at a later date.

    Is this a good build??

    Thank You so much for you help, you've done so much to help me :D
  25. I sure will :D

    Do you have any suggestions on HDD. I'm thinking about a 1TB.
  26. Looks good :)
  27. Just wondering would you recommend buying some extra fans to help keep the system cool?? I think you did...
  28. Are you saying that the 480's aren't 1080 HD??
  29. Haha, I had a feeling you stuffed up there.... :) Bearing in mind I'm a noob what fans should I update and should I get EXTRA ones (if you even can).
  30. Thanks for your help
  31. OK these are my recommendations (not that what recon has recommended is bad) I'm just giving you more choice.

    Case: Coolermaster 690 II Advanced (The airflow in this case is phenomenal)

    Power Supply: Corsair TX850 or HX850 if you want a partial modular PSU.

    Case Fans: Akasa Apache (These shift a **** load of air and are really quiet for the amount of CFM they have)

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
  32. OK I've just noticed that a lot of the stuff I have recommend is not stocked by :heink:

    However If you can find these in any other Australian shops (I'm not familiar with Australian shops) this is what I would recommend.
  33. Neither am I, I'm from New Zealand. NZ PC Parts are double the price and I have to pay astronomical postage for parts from the USA. I'm having a holiday soon and the prices are good so that's where I'm getting em :)

    Thanks heaps for your suggestions, It's great to have more options. Thanks
  34. Just wondering do I have to get the same cards in order to use two at once. Eg. Could I pair a GTX 480 and a GTX 670??
  35. No to which...
  36. Thanks
  37. If I had extra money to spend, what should I upgrade from my list??
  38. Quote:
    Throw in a Crucial M4 SSD

  39. Yea, how much faster is the windows 7 boot up time if it's loaded onto that SSD??
  40. Also how many slots do I need in my Mother Board for dual GTX 480's. I know I should have a space between them (3 spaces) I was wondering why Recon recomended me a Mobo that had 5 slots?? Thanks, I'm trying to get my head around a lot of stuff atm :D
  41. 5 Slots.... what are the other two for??
  42. Why??
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