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Use of 4 pin to two 4 small pin adapter of Seasonic 560w PSU

just got a question, whats the use of the thing included in my seasonic 560w PSU that has 4 pin big connectors and at the other end it has two small 4 pin connectors? is it for the case fans?

the one in the bottom next to the power cable second to the left side.. how can i use this? thanks a lot
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    Very likely the small 4-pin female connectors are power supply connectors for a 3½" floppy drive. I suspect this is a Y-adapter that has a 4-pin male Molex connector (to plug into a female power supply output) that splits into 2 female floppy connectors. Do not plug them into anything other than a floppy drive, and certainly not into the mobo.

    the one on the farthest on the right side

    says here in the description that

    "one adapter to convert one standard peripheral power connector into two floppy disk drive power connectors"

    this means i cannot use this to power case fans?
  3. any help? can i use this to connect case fans?
  4. help please before i do anything that will harm my psu or my rig thanks..
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  6. You got all the answer you need.
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