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I want to assemble a list of components for my friends gaming PC and I just had a couple of questions before I did so. I was wondering if the GTX 550 was good enough to play the latest games and if yes how good?? Also would 4gb so gaming be fine or should it be 8gb.

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  1. The 550ti is fine for gaming at up to 1080p with high (not ultimate) settings. The 550 non ti falls a little short IMO. And you only need 1 GB VRAM for 1080p gaming. No need to spend extra money on a 2GB card.

    As for system memory, if your using 32-bit windows, 4GB will be fine. If you are using 64-bit windows, the extra 4 GB will come in handy.
  2. With a 32-bit operation system I dont believe you can even use all 4gbs, but 8gbs is what I have and thats good. I have the 550Ti version of the card and it runs anygame at the highest settings nice
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