AMD 4th core re-locks itself

I recently did a bios update on my MSI motherboard and before the update I unlocked the 4th core on my AMD processor. Now after the bios update, when I start my computer it says there is only 3 cores even though my bios has Unlock Core enabled. I'm very confused!

Computer Specs:
Operating System- Windows 7 64
MB Model: MS-7599
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series.

Any ideas on how to keep it unlocked or if I should just leave it locked, let me know.

Much appreciated
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  1. Oh and the processor is: AMD Athlon II X3 455 Processor 3.30 GHz. Sorry forgot to add that
  2. Wait after you did the BIOS update did you go back and make sure that the settings were the same? What I mean is if you unlocked the fourth core then flashed the BIOS maybe it re-set the BIOS back to the original settings re-locking the fourth core.
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    ^Yep that would be my guess to. Try going back to the bios and make sure that not only is the core unlock enabled but that you have also selected to unlock the 4th core also. If that does not work try a bios reset. But after that make sure you go though all of your options and set them up for your configuration. Things like your boot driver and such me need to be set differently after a bios reset.
  4. If none of the above work, if the op has the older bios file saved anywhere, could potentially reflash to the old version. If there is nothing wrong with a PC, flashing the bios is not something I like doing.
  5. Sometimes my computer boots up with 3 cores, and sometimes it boots up with 4. I saved my bios settings and the bios has already been flashed to the newest version. Maybe I did not set up the boot order correctly or settings aren't being saved?
  6. When you first unlocked the fourth core BEFORE you flashed the BIOS did the fourth core stay unlocked when you re-booted? If so then why not revert to the original BIOS atleast you could get four cores. If it still didn't work then the only thing I can think of is maybe the fourth core just isn't stable and that's why it's acting weird. Remeber the fourth core was locked for a reason most likely because it was defective at the factory. Getting a core to unlock and be stable is the luck of the draw.
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