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First off I'd like to say that I set out to try and build one of the best, though admittedly not the most cost-effective gaming systems out there. The important specs of my set up are:

i7 980 6-core @ 3.33 GHz
Dual GTX 590's
24 Gb RAM
1500W Power Supply

Keeping the above specs in mind, I feel that system should be able to play any current generation game on ultra settings on one, if not three screens. However, I've lately been running into a problem were my frame rates are noticeably dropping. I'm talking about playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution at 10-13 FPS and Battlefield 3 at 19-22 FPS. Also the cards are in SLI mode.

Now I tried re installing my graphics drivers but the problem is still persisting. Both cards are fully seated and their power cables are connected. Ample power is being supplied. One card is brand new and the other is like new.

I am starting to suspect that one of the cards might be faulty, but if that was that case even one of those cards should be able to play the above games on ultra at 60 FPS. Is there some bottleneck in my system somewhere, or some configuration I am missing?

I would appreciate any help you guys can give me!

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    Finally i am not the only person with this problem, i only have one GTX 590 but i am having similar issues. I have some games work great while other suffer, like 3-10 fps. I think it might be a driver issue, i have reinstalled the driver and it has done nothing to help the issue. As of right now I have to restart the whole computer to return the cards to the normal state. I actually noticed during furmark the cards are only running at 330 mhz, way under the 607, So i would roll back drivers or wait for new ones.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I was running the 301.42 drivers but I installed the 296.10 drivers and its working fine for now. I suppose the real test will be if it continues to run fine in the coming days. If the issue should re-appear rest assured I will come back to bug you all. :)
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