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I'm new here so hello :)

I got myself the PS51E490B1M 4 Series 3D Samsung and the HT-D4500 home entertainment systems and hooked it up to my PC. I've got a GTX 560 Ti 2GB with 2x DVI outputs and some mini hdmi thing.

Video: DVI -> HDMI converter.
Audio: Digital Audio

My problem with my display is at full graphics (1920x1080 I think) my desktop display is super bad. If I open a game on that resolutions is super fine. Only seems to be my windows environment that sucks, I can barely read any text on the screen. I've tried searching for some solution, found a thread here that deals with this issue but nothing working for me. Also on my TV source I only have the HDMI and TV options, there's no PC one I can select so that don't work. The 1920x1080 is under HD, SD settings. Then I've got a Native selection but there only 800x600 and 1024x??? is shown which works perfect by that just sucks? Also my 3D selections for 1920x1080 seems to work as well. Just that HD, SD one that does not. I've tried both DVI ports and different cables. Also done all the windows wizards and config I could think of and tried every option in my nvidia control panel but nothing works. Only thing that KINDA works would be to put the display on max res and the set the windows display on 150%...But that not HD by FAR.. I don't know what else to try. Don't have DVI ports on the tv either so I'm stuck with DVI to HDMI.

Then my Audio, I've got a Asus Xonar DG Audio card which I hook up to my sound system via the digital audio cable. I can't get my sound card to use 5.1 sound. If I do a test on the control panel it only gives output to the front to 2 speakers. Not sure if it's a cable I inserted incorrect or something but could it be that the devices are not compatible?

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  1. try selecting 50 mhz on your video card settings/properties.
  2. First of all, be warned that Plasma TV's are not good for PC use. Plasma is susceptible to HUD ( heads up display ) or ICON burn out. HUD are stationary images that usually contains your game detail ( life, ammunition, items, etc.. ). If you play too long with a single game, the pixels where this HUD are displayed will burn out & you will see these burned out pixel shadow even when you are no longer playing the game. The Plasma display is good for constantly moving pictures (like movies) where no stationary image lingers on a certain place in the display.

    In any case, when using HDMI, the letters may appear ragged if the Tv sharpness setting is too high. Try to lower it. This work for me at least.

    For the sound, I always use the analog ports for easy set-up surround sound gaming. I only use the digital ports when watching movies.
  3. Grrr... I took the plasma cause if had a better refresh rate. haha Aw well.. I'll try this when I get home after work and give some feedback.

  4. djbruteforce said:
    Grrr... I took the plasma cause if had a better refresh rate. haha Aw well.. I'll try this when I get home after work and give some feedback.


    Well, its not the end of the world. If you alternately use your plasma TV between playing games & watching movies, then the burn-in will probably be minimal or even reversed. It pays to search the internet for tips & current development on plasma technology which may reduce the susceptibility of your plasma TV to such problem. Good luck!
  5. Did you ever get this to work better?
  6. Mbalmer said:
    Did you ever get this to work better?

    nope, still looking for a answer to this.
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