Best Drivers for Radeon 6670 w/ 2 gig ddr3

Was just wondering if anyone out there could point me in the right direction for drivers for the Radeon 6670? I have almost always used D3D but was hoping to give Open gl a whirl. Seemed kind of un stable with the open gl support.....froze up a couple times. I'm only playing UT and 99 at that lol. I have the Diamond 6670 with 2 gig of ddr3. Also are there any tweeks for d3d at all? I didnt buy the card to set the world on fire or anything :D but its good for what I want to do and the price was right.
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  1. You should have bought the 1GB DDR5 card it's MUCH faster. The 2GB DDR3 card is a gimmick for people who don't know better. That way they get rid of their old DDR3 chips they can't sell and the buyer thinks they are getting something better because 2GB is better than 1GB right? WRONG.

    What drivers are you using now?
  2. Well actually, I did want the DDR5 card but I was thinking that maybe I should just stick with DDR3, I havent had any experience with DDR5 and was worried maybe there would be an issue somehow....just my thoughts at the time I guess. I had an idea that the DDR5 would have been faster but I didn't buy this card because it was a fire breather either, the price was right for what I wanted to do for now. Its only a $75 card. Its been a long while since I've built a machine so I'm a bit tentative. I'm using the drivers that came with the Diamond multimedia disc, wasn't sure if there was anything else I could do to either stabilize open gl or give D3D a kick in the pants. The card itself runs pretty good actually. Prior to buying it I was using the onboard video.
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