Asus GTX560Ti Direct CUII problem or not? Help please :)

Hi there to my future saviour(s) :)

I have just received my new graphics card today, as mentioned in the thread heading. Problem is, once inserted, cables all connected, my PC boots up normally, passed the first boot screen where it displays the boot logo as it does it's checks, it then gets to the screen that shows windows stating to load but then freezes :s the actual windows logo (on windows 7 32 bit) doesn't even show up? Just the words ''Loading windows'' or Windows loading whichever, but yeah, it freezes there and I was wondering if you geniuses on here could help me figure out the cause?

System spec:
Artic Blue+ 750w PSU (AD-E750AE-A5/A6) 12V rail @ 32A
Asrock K10N78 MB
AMD Phenom II x 4 955 3.2GHz CPU
4GB (2 x 2GB) OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 - 800MHz - Fatal1ty Edition RAM
500GB Hitatchi Sata HD
1 x DVD-RW +/- Drive

I read somewhere that this PSU being a quad rail one, that the required (box actually says recommended not required?) amperage for this card (this one being 38A as it's the Asus version, I think stock is 32A, please correct me if I'm wrong on that, sure I read it somewhere while researching this problem) shouldn't be a issue as the amp is shared between the rails, as each of my 12V rails is rated up to 32A. If it helps, my PSU only has one dedicated 6 pin plug for a graphics card, the other power connecter is the one supplied by Asus with the card, that converts 2 x 4 pin 12V connectors into a 6 pin. Sorry if I've rambled. Please advise, and if anyone knows how I upload a pic to show you my PSU and the Specs required on the Asus box, feel free to chuck that in :)

Thanks guys.
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  1. Did you remove the old videocard drivers before shutting down and installing the new card?
    If not start in safe mode with network support and uninstall all old drivers and run Driver Sweeper to remove all old remnants . restart and install new drivers.
  2. I wouldn't use that power supply to power my usb coffee warmer.
  3. I feel rather stupid now.. I just went to follow your instructions, I had to reinsert my card and plug it in, for some reason it dawned on me that both ends of the adaptor I spoke of in my initial question were plugged into the same 12V rail (the plug is divided into 2. So I pluged both ends of the adaptor into two seperate free ones, and upon holding down F8 to get to the safe mode screen, a screen came up asking me to start windows normally, or to start system repair, I chose start up normally and it has now booted and installed the drivers automatically, I've not tested any 3D applicaions yet but I ran the Windows index utility, and it's given me a rating of 7.8 for both gaming and desktop performance :) Cheers for the advice though my friend.
  4. Is the PSU really that bad then? :s
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