Graphics card acting wonky, help?

AMD A8-3800 GPU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics ~2.4 GHz
Radeon HD 6700 Series

Okay. When we installed the graphics card (About 3 months ago) it was acting strange. In order for the graphics card to display on screen, I must shut down my PC, and boot the PC without the graphics card plugged in. Then, I must plug in the graphics card while the PC is running, and restart my PC. After that, the graphics card functions. When I shut down my computer and restart it, however, there is no signal sent to the monitor, so I must repeat this process. I have resorted to leaving my PC on for extended periods of time, and this absolutely cannot be good for my PC. Does anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening to me?

Thanks in advance,
Worried PC user.
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  1. What?

    So you pull the graphics card out of the motherboard, boot the computer and then insert the graphics card with the power on? I'm surprised you haven't electrocuted yourself or fried the motherboard from the sparks.

    Why would leaving the pc on for extended periods of time not be good for the pc? Many of us leave our pc's on 24/7.
  2. Wow you NEVER plug components into a motherboard with it on. Probably how this all started in the first place. Just USB and hot plug capable components should be plugged in while the PC is on. Wow...Just wow.
  3. I'm hoping he meant he unplugs/plugs the monitor cable, not actually unplugs/plugs the gpu. lol

    I'm surprised he hasn't electrocuted himself.
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