Why doesnt it fit!!

im trying to install a intel q8300 processor into a sabertooth z77 motherboard but it doesn't seem to fit properly. Is this normal? Do I need a more up to date processor?
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  1. (LGA1155) You need a CPU with this socket for that board. Your CPU is q8300 socket is (775).Sorry you need a new cpu for your board.
    Socket 1155 CPU ^
  2. Because a Q8300 is a LGA 775 and the Sabretooth is a LGA 1155 board. You will need to upgrade your CPU

  3. I'll give you $150 for the board ;)
  4. i suggest getting the i3 offer for 104 bucks by new egg go to my 400 dollar gaming pc for link sorry im on ipod
  5. if the q prossor is new i rma back and hope they dont charge you a restocking fee. right now there g version of i3 sb at micro center that not bad price and will be faster then the q chip. if you can wait till sept there going to be newer ib chips from intel. low end i5/i3.
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