GS500 i5 2500k and XFX 7950?

Hey people

I'm wondering if my PSU will be fine with these components. Just ordered a new case (CM 690 II advanced with 2 extra case coolers) and a new mobo (p8z77-v).

I've already got an i5 2500k installed with a XFX 7950 Double dissipation (not BE) card, but these are at stock speeds.

Wanted to OC the i5 to 4.5-4.8ghz and the GPU from 800mhz to around 1100mhz, or further.. depends how far I can get it.

Quick edit:

8Gig ram

(not sure if these matter)

Will my 500W PSU be enough for this or should I upgrade? Will be getting the components tomorrow so there's still time to order a new PSU and get it tomorrow aswell.
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  1. You will be fine, in a rare scenario where the entire system is loaded down 100% you will be using around 400w-450w.

    Good luck with your OC.
  2. What brand is your PSU?
  3. I'm assuming it's the Corsair Gamer Series (GS500) in his title. If it's not then I would reconsider my advice.
  4. If it is that one then he should be ok.
  5. Yup it is indeed the Corsair

    thanks guys!
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