Is my GTX 670 bust?

the last few day my screen has started to just randomly turns a solid orange colour and i cant see my desktop etc. it hasn't happened when i play games yet, its usually when i am web browsing. its has done it about 5 times now and im wondering if it is my new Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP, has any one seen anything like this before and does anyone know the solution.

i am currently waiting for a new motherboard so i can put my new build together, but if it continues to carry on after that i think i will have to send it back.

thank you
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  1. After your build. If your issue doesnt go away. Then chances are its the gpu. ( make sure your DVI or HDMI connector is seated properly ) the card should have 2 DVI connectors. Try plugging into the other. You can also re-download your Nvidia drivers. Just make sure you select to do a "clean install". Good luck.
  2. i have tried plugging into the other DVI connector but it has still happened, its really annoying that its just random because i cant tell if its fixed, thank you for your reply i will reinstall the drivers now.
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    Update with the latest asus gpu tweak soft : the older version is provoking a red screen under Windows.
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