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I really, really want an LCD. If the THG review is correct, the Hyundai Q17 is it (if you can find it, or if is right that they will get some on July 1).

My main concern isn't so much new games not running at high resolutions as old games running at low resolutions. Baldur's Gate only ran at 640x480 (yes I just started playing it again), BGII only went up to 800x600, and there are a slew of other great games that cannot be set at or even near 1280x1064. I think even Morrowind only goes up to 1024x768.

So how will an LCD do at these lower resolutions? Is the display a little choppier but acceptable, or will the graphics be totally shot? Somewhere in between? I really want an LCD to save space, power, heat, and my eyes (I already test games for 60+ hours a week, so this is very important to me). But if the visual degradation is significant at lower resolutions, I'm afraid I will have to buy a CRT.
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  1. U can get Morrwind Higher than 1024X768 ;-)

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  2. LCDs like to run at their native resolutions. I suggest going to a store and have them change the resolution to a lower one and see how it looks. Maybe they will even let you install Baldur to see how it looks. Depending on the LCD it may not like very high resolutions either.

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  3. I have a NEC LCD1760V, and I can't even run UT. Resolution doesn't matter. Maybe I don't have something configured correctly, but it jumps around, takes almost half a second for a new "image" to appear. I'm probably going to return it and go for a 19in CRT lol
  4. CRTs can't be beat. Better image quality and much much cheaper. I'll hold out until the 17in LCDs are lower priced.
  5. I agree with that, I will hold out for a good 19".

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    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
  6. You know, with a few hacks you can get most games to run at higher than their normal resolutions? BGII is like that, for one. In BG2, it's actual in the configuration, it just isn't a "supported" mode. Try it on your current monitor first, but it should work. C&C: Red Alert 2 also has a hack for higher resolutions.

    You may be thinking of Dungeon siege for the 1024X768 limitation. I've never tried to see if it can go higher, but Maximum PC said that in their review. However, they also said an edit to one of the config files would help.
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