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Is dried thermal paste ok to use?

My intel cpu fan recently broke so I ordered a new one to use. Although my intel cpu has some dried thermal paste on it. Will it be ok to use for the fan? Or do i need to scrape it off and apply new thermal paste
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  1. Scrape it off and re-apply. The bond wont be as good as new thermal paste. Failure to do so would result in terrible temperatures.
  2. No, don't scrape anything. Use appropriate solvents.
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    Ah didn't mean it like that, just use a lint free paper towel or cotton swabs with a bit of isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Take a jackhammer to pound that dried thermal paste off, then submerge the CPU into thermal paste for around 2 minutes and insert into the socket.

    Or simply use alcohol and water to dissolve/wipe way the dried thermal paste from both CPU & heatsink. Then apply about a small pea size worth of thermal paste in the center of the CPU and spread it around before putting the heatsink on top.
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