Help, quick Eyeinfinity ports question!

Hey guys, I have 3 dell monitors each with HDMI/DVI and VGA ports.

I have a 7950 with 2 x mini displayport, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI

So how can i connect this graphics card to my monitors without having to buy an active port?

I also want to keep all three monitors the same resolution etc.. so I want to use all DVI ports to connect them.

This is how I am thinking to set it up:

MONITOR 3: DisplayPort to DVI

Will this work for eyeinifty? (I dont want to buy cables and then find out it does not work!)
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  1. Correction: My monitors have3x display ports not HDMI
  2. So get one mini HDMI to DVI and one HDMI to DVI adaptors. I hope what I linked you to is what will work for you. Good luck to you on this.

    Mini HDMI to DVI all you have to do is pick one.

    HDMI to DVI cables all you have to do is pick one and go with it.
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