2nd CPU Core permanently maxed out

My Amd Athlon 64 x2 3800+'s 2nd core is always at 100% and I'm not sure why, I have looked in task manager and no background processes are hogging memory. This is always leaving my cpu's total usage at 50%. This means doing the most basic of pc tasks, like browsing the web puts my usage to anywhere from 80-100% usage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D :D
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  1. did you overclock ur cpu
  2. i had that but cant remember what peace of software i installed that caused the problem ... ah think it was nero media home 4 (software for my tv to link with my pc) i uninstalled it and it was fine no core being fully loaded
  3. i mean software to link my lg blue ray player and/or tv :/
  4. yup n i do mean blu not blue :/
  5. Hmm i just wondered if anyone had a solution, no processes are eating memory when idle at all, really strange...
  6. try checking what services are running not tasks
  7. I've checked services but don't know what I'm looking for :whistle:
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