Annoying system stutter/lag

Hello guys,

I am in need of your help, I upgraded my old system with pretty much everything new and now it has random points in time when it gets like one-half to one second of lag.. If i'm listening to music you can hear it go bzzzt for that period of time, same thing when watching movies or shows..

This was a fresh build, fresh install of Win7 Extreme x64..

tried to increase the CPU voltage to 1.3V still got lag..

Any ideas guys? thanks!

Parts include:

ASRock extrem3 Gen3 motherboard
Intel core i7 2600k
16gb ddr3 gskill
OCZ agility3 240gb ssd on sata3
3 WD 500gb hard drives on sata2
evga gtx570

an older corsair 750W PSU

ANTEC 1200 case

using onboard sound/LAN

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  1. Update the GPU drivers/BIOS/onboard sound drivers.
  2. I did that, still no go..
  3. Issue still exists, anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Did you update the SSD? I had that ssd and it was bad, and it doesn't have the best reviews either...
  5. hmm going to have to try that... gonna be a pain to reinstall windows on another hd tho
  6. Hope it works, but yes, installing Windows on another HDD....
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