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December 17, 2012 12:40:14 PM

I'm having issues hooking up my computer to tv to watch movies, etc. I have an Hitachi tv Model 51F520 I think which seems to support hdmi. We just bought a computer which is an inspiron 2330 touchscreen which after it crashing the first week, I was told the hdmi port wouldn't be helpful as it's only for input so we would need to use a vga cable. So, we have bought a vga cable and a converter box and an audio cord which we were told we might need, and I had already bought an hdmi cable. I think I have everything connected properly and I have gone through the steps in the adjust resolution phase in the control panel but I can't seem to find what input i need on the tv. There are 5 inputs and 2 antennae and multiple component options but none for hdmi. I have tried going through each one individually on every input but am still stumped. Any help would be appreciated

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December 17, 2012 1:34:14 PM

I'm confused. Why can't you use hdmi? I use hdmi on my tv to use my laptop.
December 17, 2012 1:49:33 PM

According to the manual on your TV, you do have an HDMI input. The best thing would be to buy an HDMI cable and hook it directly to your graphics card HDMI output. If your graphics card has an HDMI output (mini) you can get a cable to adapt it easily at any electronics store. If your graphics card has a DVI output, that can be adapted with a simple cable for viewing as well, as the standard for DVI and HDMI is the same, but an older projection TV like yours might need separate audio run to it as occasionally the input will not accept the audio coming over the cable.

Now to the meat of your question; do you want to use the TV to watch content coming from the computer or do you wish to use the computer to watch content coming from the TV?

You can use the Computer to feed the television content by hooking it up as I described. Hulu and Netflicks are both good services. Most networks put their shows on line for viewing as well, but you’ll be delayed for a week or so watching your shows that way.

To watch your cable or TV antenna programs on the computer you will need to buy a separate card (PCI) and feed the cable into that card. It will come with software that will effectively turn your computer into a DVR.
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December 17, 2012 1:52:45 PM

the insperion 2330 only has vga out. and you probably need to enable secondary monitor in win 7.

use a monitor that has vga in so you can be sure that the 2330 is outputing a signal... (on the vga out) then move on to the signal box, the the tv set.

the convertor box wil it convert to at least 720p...?... or what is the max resolution that it will convert?... remember component cabe tend to be need for progressive signals,

some of the older tv sets have a vga input...
the tv set just needs to be set to the right input. you will need to use component inputs for any thing above 480p, hdmi is preferable. then component.
December 18, 2012 2:42:51 PM

I'm probably missing something very basic but I'm a rookie at all this. the tv has something that looks like the vga cable but it only has 2 rows of prongs as opposed to the 3 rows that the one coming and going from the computer has. I assumed that is why we are trying to use the hdmi from the converter into the digital box.

I have gone into the control panel and gone to the adjust screen resolution, right? I asked it to extend the displays? I have 1 which is the inspiron computer and 2 i think it said display device on vga? I am not sure where to go to figure out how to set the inputs on the tv to do this. There are 16 options in each of the 5 inputs and I have gone through each of them but I'm sure it's something simple, either here or before I get to this step that I am missing.

I am trying to watch things from the computer on the tv. Should we have gotten a graphics card instead of this digital box?