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Am planning to build a new system for the first time. Need to know if it is good.

CPU :- AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 - AM3+ socket for future compatibility
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97
Harddisk:- Western Digital - WD20EARX 2 TB
RAM :- Kingston 4 GB x 2 (DDR3-1333)
Graphics Card:- NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
Cooler: Deepcool ICEEDGE 400 XT
Optical Drive: LG GH24NS71/GH24NS72
SMPS: CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600 Watts

I am a fan of AMD, but friends are suggesting to go with intel. Please suggest any good configuration in same range. :)

Edit 1:
I will be running 64 bit version of windows(Not included in above budget) and few flavours of Linux.
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  1. Forgot to mention few things
    1) I need only CPU. I have Moniter, Keyboard, Mouse
    2) Approx date of purchase - from 1 week to 1 month
    3) Budget around 30-35k INR( 537$ to 626$)
    4) Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
    5) Location: Bangalore
    6) Overclocking - May be in future
    7) Reason for new one - My current system is very old and slow.
  2. This is not going to game well with such a low end graphics card . If you want gaming performance then cut the RAM to 2 x2 gig , and drop the cpu cooler . Spend that money instead on graphics

    I'd use the M5A97 evo so you have mb headers for front USB3 ports

    As it is it will run on the Corsair 430 watt psu
  3. Am not much worried about gaming performance as much as processor performance. The motherboard selected does not have on-board graphics. So I chose a graphics card that was cheap and good enough to play NFS Undercover range games may be. I am ok with on-board graphics card. But I didn't find motherboard with USB 3.0 support and good graphics card. I will also be using GIMP(Photoshop equivalent)

    I may start use CPU intensive operations like compiling big projects. And I heard AMD Processors heat up a lot. So I added a cooler.

    SMPS - I don't have least idea on power consumption other than above Graphics card needs minimum of 300 Watt. So I planning to go with minimum required + 50 watt to be future ready.
  4. Hi,
    After researching a bit more on internet, I found FX-4100 can't even beat i3-2100. I am talking about,3136.html

    So came up with other configuration. Minor changes though

    At present am more about performance than gaming. Will add a GPU later on, should the need arise

    CPU :- Core i3-2100 / Core i5-2500K
    Motherboard: Intel DH77EB
    Harddisk:- Western Digital - WD20EARX 2 TB
    RAM :- Kingston 4 GB x 2 (DDR3-1333)
    Graphics Card:- On-board at present
    Optical Drive: LG GH24NS71/GH24NS72
    SMPS:Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2UK 500 Watts

    Any help suggestions.

    P.S: Some components won't be available in india(Like M5A97 evo). Atleast not from trusted source.
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