HD7850 running around 70% on my Win XP?

________My Spec _____________
-Core2Duo E6750 2.7GHz
-Sapphire Radeon HD7850
-P5K-PRO Motherboard
-Earthwatts EA-380 Powersupply

-Heaven Benchmark 2.5 (DX9.0)
-Watt Checker (Sanyo)

________Sapphire HD7850 on Windows XP_____

DX 9.0 815
OpenGL 1010
observed max.power 190Watt

________Sapphire HD7850 on Windows 7______

DX 9.0 1532
OpenGL 1291
observed max.power 220Watt

omg, After I got Windows 7(trial), score is doubled !

is it common issue ?
Only my Windows XP got this issue ?
Or AMD Catalyst Driver cause this issue ?
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  1. I know CPU may be a bottleneck.

    I wonder how Windows 7 increases Score and Max.power ?
    If CPU is a bottleneck, Bench. Score must goes down on Windows 7.
  2. Quote:
    Windows 7 is a better gaming os... no surprises really..

    CPU must be upgraded to feel the worth of that card ;)

    Really ?
    I thought newer OS put pretty much load on my CPU.

    Soon, I buy CPU and M/B.
  3. Quote:
    Get catalyst 12.6 alpha hotfixes update and reply then...

    12.6 is worth to try ?

    I will try later.
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