Will 660ti SLI gain much preformance running at pci-e 3.0?


I currently have a computer set up (saber tooth p67, I7 2600k, 2x EVGA 3GB 660ti, 16GB 1600mhz memory)
would upgrading to a saber tooth z77, I7 3770k bring me any benefit?

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  1. Barely. There's a chart somewhere on here than shows it will be about 3% difference from 3.0x8 to 2.0x8.
  2. While the processor might give you a small performance advantage of maybe 6% (I would say that it isnt worth upgrading). There is almost no value in going to PCI-E 3.0 at this time as even things that say that are using the extra bandwidth are not.
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