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I moved my PC (Dell, 2006 vintage), the first time since I bought it, disconnecting and reconnecting all the peripherals. Now, when I turn it on, Windows XP opens and the desktop appears on the monitor as normal, but neither the keyboard nor the mouse will work. Nothing happens if I try to plug them into a USB port, yet if I plug in a memory stick, for example, Windows recognises that as a new piece of hardware. Any suggestions as to what is wrong will be gratefully received.
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  1. try removing the connects and plugging them back in while in windows
  2. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I tried it but nothing happened. As before, I can plug in a USB stick and that's recognised, but the keyboard and mouse aren't - but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them as they work OK in my netbook.
  3. I've been trying various things. If I switch on the PC and the keyboard isn't plugged in, "Keyboard failure" appears on the screen before Windows starts to load. If I then plug the keyboard or the mouse into one of the back ports I get a message along the lines of "your new hardware device may not have been installed properly". Is this serious? (It's no doubt clear already that I'm not expert in computer matters.)
  4. Moreover, it transpires that the keyboard works during booting - for example CTRL-I or F1 - but stops working when Windows is loaded. I'm no closer to a solution. Can anyone tell me what's wrong, please?
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