Computer build wont boot.

Okay, i know you guys will just redirect me to the thread about the build not booting. But i've followed every step in the thread and my computer still wont boot. It worked fine in the test boot outside of the case, but now that it's in the case it wont boot. All the components power up and the motherboards LED light lights up, but it just wont boot. Is there some simple step im missing? I've tried unplugging everything and plugging them back in, nothing is grounding my motherboard to the case. Please help!
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  1. is it possible that the motherboard is shorting out? and is the cpu power plug in? sounds stupid but if its not in properly it may not boot
  2. like i said. I did everything. It works fine outside the case, boots up first try. but inside it wont boot.
  3. It works now. I don't know why but when i took it out to test it again and put it back, it boots now.
  4. sounds like it may have just had one of the plugs from the psu not completely in
  5. or the front panel want plugged in right slots?
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