I7-3770K vs i5-3570 vs FX-8350

Hi there. Planing to buy one of these for gaming and some torrent downloading + server apps (http, mysql game server) in background. What do you suggest?

Thanks for advices :-)
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  1. 3570k. Gaming doesn't benefit from HT.
  2. How about background proceses?
  3. Well if you plan on running a bunch of stuff while you play games then you may benefit from a 3770k.
  4. Spend the extra and get the 3770k, its worth it in the end. the 8350 just dosn't hold it's own.. unless you are doing some media production. Mine use to kick add coverting video to other codecs where my 3770k is horrible at it, but it's completely flipped in Gaming.

    Wanderer is right, if your going to have the background processes, the 3770 will not lag on you while gaming.
  5. If you can afford it, buy the 3770K It's quite a bit better than the other two.
  6. If you'e mainly gaming then the i5-3570k would be the best option. It would save you a lot of Money, which you can spend on a great cooler or better GPU.

    Here you can see the i7-3770k, i5-3570k and the FX 8350 at stock speed in gaming

  7. Depending on the site, an 8350 trades blows with a 3770k in multithreaded tasks, and holds with the 3570k in gaming. It's single threaded performance is pretty weak though.

    Look at pricing between the three platforms and see which feature set fits you best. I would personally recommend a 3770k or an 8350 for heavy workloads. The 8350 will save you quite a bit of cash by the time you total up the CPU/MOBO.
  8. if (budget != issue ) then 3770k
    if (budget = issue and apps > games) then 8350
    if (budget = issue and games > apps) then 3570k
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