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Hi i am trying to buy a gaming pc for one of my sons i don't have a clue tbh lol and i am on a tight budget can someone please look at this and tell me is it any good ? thanks in advance[amd1049]-amd-fx4100-quad-core-gaming-computer---4gb-ram--1000gb-hdd--dvd-.html
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  1. * 1 x ATI Radeon HD5450 -1GB graphics card

    No, that card was not meant to gaming, not even good for older games at low resolutions, and no information of the psu(meaning a crappy one).
    That card is really old and low-end it's the cheapest card on the market, if you want a "gaming" pc at least look for a one with a 7770/7850/7870 or 650ti/660 gtx, etc.
  2. I would stay away from that website as my web browser addon WOT informs me it's been flagged for bad trustworthiness, vendor reliability and privacy.

    Could you tell me what's your budget for your sons gaming hardware?

    If it's less than 500 it doesn't make much sense to buy a PC, so as much as I dislike console hardware I would have to recommend you buy an xbox 360 or playstation 3.

    I hope your son is not into strategy games as they don't really fit anything but a PC gaming experience.
  3. Your link doesn't work (edit-never mind). What is your budget? Unless it's at least $600 it's not even worth building a gaming computer in my opinion, that's $510 in parts and another $90 for an OS.

    Sorry didn't realize you were outside of the US.

    But yes that is very sub par for gaming.
  4. Can’t see the page, Envizage deleted contents.

    In general though, An Intel i3 or Pentium G645/ G850/ G870 CPU will meet or beat any AMD chips out there, and will play any games currently available. These chip are rated as dual cores… but as each core has two threads... you can make the connection.
    The FX 4100 is a decent mid range CPU that will run hot and under perform. But if raw computing cycles are more important to you than game performance by all means go for it.
    4gb of ram is on the low side of good these days. Eight is going keep you better able to meet future needs.
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