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im quite new to pc,s and have just built my own i have 2 iceq 6950 2gb in crossfire i have played amnesia and skyrim just wondered should a graphics card like this give me constant 60fps or should it drop sometimes like to 45fps. also my other question is i have a 120hz monitor should i keep it on 60hz or 120hz as im worried about strain on my cards
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  1. What cpu do you have and the hz on your monitor should not matter on xfire 6950's.
  2. What is the processor in your computer. I'd assume its at least halfway decent, for you paired it with 2 6950's. Some games might drop down, but it should be very very rare.
  3. My processor is i7 3770 with 1 card should I get 60fps or do u mean with crossfire
  4. My monitor is set at 60hz at the Moment and I play games in window mode
  5. It drops sometimes under 60fps with 1 card which is in window mode should this happen sometimes with 1 6950 2gb
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