Multi-Seat solution using Multiple Monitors ?

I need two workstations running from the same computer: THREE monitors on one station, and TWO monitors on the other. Maybe you can help. I've been looking at SoftXpand Multi-seat software and have bumped a wall in my research due to some questions regarding compatibility and usage.

I run an i7 Ivy Bridge on an Asus P8Z77 V-Pro motherboard. As I understand it, when paired with the Z77 board, the Ivy Bridge CPU enables Intel's new "Quick Sync" for super-fast video encoding. I've also learned that by way of initializing Virtu Logix MVP, one can take advantage of both on-board and discrete video cards simultaneously for power savings (however, this apparently only works with ONE video card but I have not confirmed this).


No gaming
Office Docs, spreadsheet
Photoshop (basic tasks only, logos, etc.)
Camtasia Video Recording, editing, rendering.
Watching videos
No 3D CAD, etc.


1. To use the on-board iGPU to take advantage of intels Quick Sync.

2. To keep power at a minimum. I'm not a gamer so I'd like to cut power consumption as much as possible.

3. I'd rather not sacrifice Intels Quick Sync in Lieu of a second video card if I can avoid it, then again, I need to support 5 monitors.


1. Does it matter if you use a third party software to manage monitors (nView, Eyefinity, etc) I'm just not sure how SoftXpand plays well with them or which interface is used to control things.

2. Do multiple video cards disable Virtu Logix MVP? (I heard it was limited to working with just one video card).

3. I'm trying to keep power consumption to a minimum, and would even consider a good workstation card as I do not game - currently looking at workstations cards: Quadro NVS 450, and Firepro V2460.

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. I know what you have herd. In fact I first didn't believe that couldn't happen and to my surprise low and behold wham. I still don't know fully the whole concept but If you haven't already read this then you will like what it has to say.

    But if you have this is all I got to give on this subject. I want to wish you good luck on your project and I hope you can put this together.
  2. Thanks for the resource DM186, I do appreciate it.

    I'm starting to think that I should eliminate the idea of using both integrated GPU and discrete GPU video cards using Lucid MVP software and simply go with 2 FirePro 2460 cards. However, I'm still curious how well the FirePro 2460 card plays everyday media (.wmv, .MP4, .AVI, and YouTube videos). If I have to make the sacrifice, I'd like to make it worth while, you know?

    Has anyone here had any luck using Lucid MVP with a workstation video card? Or is it just for gamers?

    I'm not interested in "frame rates" for gaming, etc., but rather ability to use both integrated and on-board GPU.
  3. You are very welcome and Yes to your question to me I understand and sorry to your other questions because I have never do that sort of stuff. But there are a few people on here who have because I have seen there post.

    I hope they see this thread. Maybe if you contact one of the Moderators on here they can send you in the right direction. Anyway good luck and cheers.
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