Cpu at 533 & ram at 333, or cpu at 400 & ram at 400?

Hello, I've got a GA8IE mainboard , capable to run both 400/533 bus speed,
but if you put a 533Mhz cpu on it, ram will only run at 333Mhz whereas with a cpu of 400Mhz speed bus, ram will run at 400Mhz. Could you tell me which configuration should be the fastest, at same cpu frequency (2.6 Ghz e.g.) and memory amount (2gb e.g.)? Sorry for my english, thanks for answers
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  1. 1:1 fsb ratio is ideal, if you run cpuz it will give you the ratio you are at, although i have run an overclock on a e8400 at (400 x8)3.2 and ddr 1200 which was a odd ratio 2:3 or somthing and it ran great at 1500 fsb. to me though the the higher the higher you can get the fsb to run the better..
  2. Thanks for your reply, i forgot before to say that i want to update my pc to a 2,6 Ghz Cpu, and because are both available either to 400 and 533 Fsb, i'll do my choice according your advice, privileging a faster bus. Thanks again
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