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Is this safe?! I recently bought this, just over 2 weeks ago.

I had a fairly reputable source tell me that this was probably as cheap as it was because almost half of this series were frying motherboards, I'm skeptical however.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have hesitated to even remove it from the box, but I have the weirdest feeling that after 3+ years running an Nvidia 9800 GT and now a few months of my new ATI 7770 after that fried, my Antec 500W is on the way out.

Assuming something transpires, will there be warning signs? and who would I talk to about compensation if my mobo goes, Newegg or Thermaltake directly?
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  1. Couldn't find any reviews from jonnyguru or the like but I found this,
    iId take it back, if it does blow it could be without warning and take everything with it
  2. Its called "Blackwidow"!
    Seriously ditch that thing and buy something from this list:

    Either tier 1 or 2.
  3. The W0319RU uses HEC/COMPUCASE as the OEM so that explains a lot.

    Hardware Secrets tested the 750 Watt version and it burned out after one minute at 750 Watt load. They thought the PSU was defective so they asked Thermaltake for another one to retest and it also burned out the same way. Ripple and noise are out of spec even at 75% PSU load so that will be killing your electrolytic capacitors on your motherboard and graphics card power VRM circuits. Their conclusion was that it is a flawed product that should be avoided at all cost.
  4. One of the responders in the link I gave said 'if you treat it as a 450w you should 'should?' be fine', but its not a decent 850w at all
  5. So...the majority of good reviews over at newegg can mean what? the recently made ones exclusively are defective? I plan to return this as I haven't even opened it yet, I'll likely spend another 50 and get an XFX black edition 850W- would we concur that THAT could actually run with some semblance of stability at even 750-800W?
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    Yes, I'd trust the Xfx over the widow any day,
    jonny liked it as well,
    I'm a corsair fan personally though
  7. quite often you get what you pay for.

    if something is cheap think why?

    its probably because they cant sell it for whatever reason usually because its shoddy or its been sitting on the shelf a long time
  8. Yea well for now I'm pretty dead set on returning the thing. Assuming that all works, two questions:

    1: Case wise I have a thermaltake armor mx, current PSU is an Antec earthwatt 500W.
    I plan to buy THIS PSU, are they all pretty standardized? and will there be any foreseeable issues installing this?

    2:Otherwise, my PC is a stock HP pavillion elite M9100z, excluding an upgraded graphics card and ram. Again, ANY possible figurative landmines I might step on putting this SOB in?

    thank you all for the help.
  9. earth watts is fine and armor mx is alright as case :) u should be fine dude
  10. well I'm replacing the earthwatts :P but good to hear, appreciate the help everybody!
  11. No problem man, glad to help
  12. anytime brother
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