Static Ips. now what?

Alright... So I'm not totally new to networking, but this one has been a pain.

So we had lots of problems with up and down on our network. ISP gave us a new modem and set it up on the wired desktop with a static ip. As long as the static IP settings are input, we have web.

However, we have several wireless devices in the house we want to have connectivity (2 laptops, ipad, wii, etc...). Once we plug a router in between the modem and the desktop, we get neither wireless nor wired connectivity on any device.

I finally was able to get the wired desktop running on internet by, first, inputing the static ip into the router configuration instead of trying to let it do its own thing and second, changing the static ip settings on the desktop to use the router as a default gateway.

Router shows internet connectivity on the front lights (orange when its without, green when its on). The laptops/devices will connect to the network no problem. They also show internet access, but when you open any browser, bam, no loading. Get the generic error: "Unable to load page" or something of the like.

I eventually got the wifi devices online by mirroring the static ip settings on the desktop over to the laptops, except changing the ip by one digit so each device would be assigned its own within the range. Letting it assign automatically didn't seem to be allowing the internet to work.

Here's my issue: I have internet at home on the network now. This will work just dandy for devices that don't leave the house. However, if a laptop goes to school or to work, it won't connect to that network because the device is trying to use the home network static ip. Then i have to clear the settings, go back to automatic, and reinput all the static ip settings when i get home.... What a hassle!

What can I do to get the automatic ip settings working for my wireless devices or is there a way I can make the wifi devices connect using the static ip just to my home network, but automatically to other networks once they leave the home?
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  1. Once you set the static IP address on the router, you should be able to use DHCP for the computers. Change on of your computers back to DHCP, open a CMD window, type ipconfig/all and post the out put here is it doesn't work.
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