AS5 spread fail

As im RMAing my mobo i removed my heatsink to find out that this happened.

I had applied it according to AS manual, i tinted first then applied a dot, it seems that my HSF is concave as hell... My temps were manageable though, Phenom II x4 960T @stock with 40c idle and 55-58 on full load, how do i prevent this from happening in the future?

Sorry for the large pics of phone camera quality :ange:
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  1. Can't tell whats wrong other than there is a rectangle of paste in the middle.

    Try explaining with words please.
  2. There is a huge blob of the paste in a line in the middle of the CPU, is that supposed to happen?
  3. Well if the HS is concave then yes, the best thing you can do is try to use less paste.
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