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PC won't POST.

PC won't POST.

Hey all, need some help badly here.

Just put together an new build.

4GB Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Stilleto
Hyper 212 +
PC POWER & COOLING Silencer 760W
Intel 330 180GB

I've had it running for a few days. Had it overclocked to 4.5GHz. It would run at 1.2263V and reach 91 degrees so I was trying to stabilize the temperatures.

I changed this in the BIOS:

Set VDROOP to disabled
Changed VCORE to 1.175V
Changed PLL to 1.6V (from 1.65V)
Saved changes and reset

Computer reset after it tried to boot to Windows and my monitor went black. I cleared the CMOS three times, and the same thing would happen, no signal would be sent to the monitor. Tried hooking up a laptop to it and instant picture so it's nothing with the cable or monitor.

On the motherboard I tried BIOS 1, BIOS 2, BIOS 3, and neither worked. I have spinning fans, lights on my motherboard, but I don't have a picture.

Well I guess I screwed up bad then. Can anyone help?
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    Try physically removing the CMOS battery and let it sit for a minute or two....
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  3. It worked! Thanks for the help.

    But makes me wonder what the point of having a button for clearing the CMOS is if you still have to remove the battery. But it worked so I'm very happy. Thanks again.
  4. Well.....that was the easiest best answer I have ever received :lol:
    Feel free to contact me (PM) if any other issues arise.

    - Socialfox :)
  5. Haha I was just thinking that. But hey, it was the correct answer and was made very rapidly. So well deserved.
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