Silent gaming cases, how does the Fractal Design R4 rate?

Hey guys,

Just looking for a good silent case for my new gaming rig build.

My main things im looking for are a quiet case without lots of lights (the less the better). Be nice if its easy to build in as well!

I was recommended the Fractal Design Define R4 or the Define XL Black Pearl, anyone had a go with these? reviews look pretty good. The other suggestion what a bitfenix ghost silence but sounds like the build quality on it was abit average?

love to get your opinions :) cheers guys

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  1. Well the R4 is a great case from what I hear as well. But did you take a look at this case?
  2. oooh thats real nice!!! also any impact on being mostly in a floor boarded room which seems to collect dust devils pretty easily? chosing a case wise i mean?

    thanks for the suggestion, damn more choices :D
  3. Meh, as long as it has dust filters you should be fine. I believe the case comes with its own. You might just need to clean it more often....

    I have my computer which has a carpet in front of it but is elevated by my computer desk but boy it chokes on dust every 2 weeks.

    Now take a look at this case as well:

    Either way the R4 or the first antec case I linked are good choices. Anyways do make sure to check out your 3770 vs 3820 thread, you've got quite a few replies waiting for you including one from me.

    Edit: Let's just throw this case in the rabble
  4. I found the Fractal R2 I had to be very quiet with the right parts in it.

    But it is important to know that without quiet parts, the cases noise dampening can only do so much.

    The build quality of the case is not bad, but was not Antec Sonata(not as quiet as the Fractal Define R2) solid either. The biggest thing is despite the cases heavy weight(from the noise dampening), the walls are rather thin. I did like the modu-vent(plates to cover unused fan spots) system.

    At the end of the day, my video card was the loudest thing in the case.
  5. replies are like minipresents :D thanks for all the help!! definitely going to check out these cases when I get home!

    I agree that i need to make sure i get a quiet video card, hence i was thinking of the asus GTX680OC reviews suggest it doesnt do too badly for noise.
  6. If that is the 3 slot one. hell yeah, reviews show that to be VERY quiet. Just keep some decent air flow because it pushes heat into the case.
  7. Newegg has the Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl (without window) for $80 right now. That's a good price if you're ready to pull the trigger on it.
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