Gt 630 or hd 6670?

hi, im building a gaming pc with the hopes to play games like bf3

current things i have are;

Asrock 970 extreme 3
AMD phenom 2 x4 Black Edition
G.Skill ripjaw 8gb

im getting a 6970 for christmas but i want a good cheap card for now.

i have been looking at these cards

1. GT 630
2. GT 520
3. 8800 GTX

i was woundering wich of these i should choose or are there any others you guys would recommend? FOR THE SAME PRICE OR £10 MORE?

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  1. Quote:

    arnt they like £80 though?
  2. oh wow, thanks :), 6670 it is
  3. hmmm, cant really afford either of them, any more suggestions?
  4. i cant realy afford them :(, any more suggestions, i have around £50
  5. Quote:
    Yes!, it is actually faster than the 6670 ;)

    ok thanks
  6. Wait, how can a DDR3 440 be faster than a DDR5 6670?
  7. Gotcha. However, if he puts either a 440 DDR3 or 6670 DDR3 in that PC it will be a huge disappointment. Can get a 6670 DDR5, at least in the states, for like $75 I think. Let me find the link.

    See if you can find that in your price range where ever you are OP.
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