Tracert lags at hop. Cannot connect. Onboard NIC??

Desktop Components:

Asus M5A87
Realtek family ethernet controller, wired
Windows 7 64
onboard NIC


I have two computers - laptop, desktop. I am trying to connect to a server. The laptop is able to connect no problem. The desktop cannot. Both are using the same ISP, same router/modem, same location. Both get positive ping query results. The tracert request on the laptop shows all is well. The tracert on the desktop reveals there is a major lag at one of the hops (25ms compared to 231ms) which could be the reason I cannot connect.

The desktop can connect anywhere else on the website where the server is located, and anywhere else I go on the net.

The laptop is wireless, the desktop wired.

When this issue first occurred with the desktop it also occurred on the laptop. However, the laptop soon after resumed normal connectivity. The desktop did also, but later lost ability to connect.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled NIC drivers.

There is no antivirus/firewall.

Can this be caused by a faulty onboard NIC?
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  1. Try flushing your DNS cache.
  2. MysticMiner said:
    Try flushing your DNS cache.

    Flushed. No go.
  3. Go to both computers and do a ipconfig /all

    Post both outputs here.
    Please xxx out your physical address we don't need to see that

    Can you also provide a print out of your trace route please
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  6. now i just ran another tracert after attempting to connect via my desktop via a different browser and the ms readings were normal for hop 7.(????)
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  8. cheers
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