GT 320 2GB vs GTX 550ti

so basically i need to know what is better or faster at running games. the gt320 2gb or the gtx 550ti ? really need to know asap
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  1. GTX 550ti by far, but still it isn't the best at running games either. What games do you play?
  2. i would like to run witcher 2 on high at 1600/900 resolution
  3. Many 550 Ti models are close to the same price as Radeon HD 6850's, while also being slower. I'd go with a 6850 instead. Witcher 2 eats enough GPU power that an HD 6870 wouldn't be going to waste, either.

    I doubt you'd be happy with your performance/visuals in that game, at that resolution, with a 550 Ti. The GTS 320 shouldn't even be on your radar, that's comparable to GPU's of 5+ years ago.
  4. a friend of mine has the gt 320 2gb and i wanna run the witcher how he runs it ... i at the moment have a gt 220 1gb and i can run alol my pc games on max except for witcher 1 and 2 ...
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