Mouse/Drivers/USb Ports help...not sure which.

Hello all, I made an account here on a spare laptop to ask this question.

On my recently made machine:

i7 3770k
16G Kingston RAM
Gigabyte Mobo

I've been having a problem. For the past couple of weeks my razer naga mouse has been slow to track and on bootups required a solid 15 minutes before it would begin working. Today when I initially booted up, it wasn't working for an extended period of time so I took it out of the USB port it was in and it still didn't work. I tried on another mouse that didn't work as well. Finally, I grabbed a third Microsoft mouse and it worked solid.

The problem is, I heard some Win. 7 error beeping and was getting worried. After maybe 10 minutes at most, the keyboard completely ceased to work. Now I have a computer with no Keyboard input and limited mouse input.

I have the most recent Razer drivers from their website and firmware too. I think that it might be a USB port issue because there are some USB 2.0 AND 3.0 ports that seem to not accept anything on my computer.


Mouse 1 wasn't tracking well.
Mouse 2 only worked for about 5 minutes.
Mouse 3 works fine but now the keyboard won't work.

I think this is either a driver or USB issue, especially since my computer has gotten somewhere near at least 10 PFN_LIST_CORRUPT errors since it's first bootup. After looking that up, it turns out that that error can be related to faulty memory (in which Drivers are on place the error can occur).

If you guys have any idea what can be wrong, as well as have any possible ways to fix it please tell me. The computer is rendered useless as of now and I have absolutely no idea why it isn't working.
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  1. What power supply do you have?
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