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I am trying to upgrade this computer to reach at least 60 fps on WOW with 1920x1080 resolution.

Here are current specs:

If i upgrade the GFX card to:

And the PSU to:

Would these upgrades be enough to reach my goal? If not, what would i have to upgrade to reach 60fps?
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  1. Yes it should for WOW. You could as well upgrade to a HD7750 on current PSU, total system load gaming 216watts
  2. Why upgrade to a HD7750 over the GTX 460? Is it the same performance?
  3. It depends on which GTX460 (many versions) the fasted on level with HD6850 but you save the PSU upgrade. Neither will though give you 60fps unless you are on low res
  4. Gotta just love those sites that wont show you how good the games run with AA off. 60fps is do-able on a gtx460. Not in large raids or populated cities mind you.
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