Will my psu handle small overclocks

Hi guys,

I'm new to the forums but have been reading them for ages and have found answers to nearly all my questions.

What I want to know is will my Antec 520w HCG Modular psu be sufficient for a bit of overclocking.

My system specs should be in my sig (that's if I did it right) and I would like to overclock the cpu to around 4.0ghz.

I will also attempt to oc the gpu after a bit of research, and if my gpu allows it or is worth oc'ing.

I was planning on getting a better power supply but only once I have the cash for a second R7950 for xfire.

Any advice will be a great help and a better alternative to cooking my new pc.
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    Yes, you can overclock the i5 and gpu, no problems with the psu wattage or quality, it can deliver the full power @ good temps.
    As for crossfire, you'll need a psu with more juice(~750w)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    One more question though. When I do decide to try crossfire would it be ok to stick with Antec or would you recommend something else.
  3. It depend on the prices variations, i can tell that an antec 750w-850 will do, but i recommend the following brands : xfx, corsair(TX or HX), seasonic or PC Power & Cooling with 750w.
  4. You should not experience any problems with overclocking.

    Competent technical reviews of the Antec High Current Gamer and High Current Pro power supplies were very favorable. They made the PC Power Supply Recommendations list:

    Scroll down to the Antec section and follow the links to the technical reviews.

    djangoringo - I suggest holding off on Corsair TX series. It looks like Corsair switched OEM's again. Previously the TX series psu's were made by Channel Well and SeaSonic. It now appears both OEM's have been dropped in favor of Chicony Power. No technical reviews yet but forum threads suggest the new TX psu's made by Chicony use cheaper capacitors. We'll have to wait for competent technical reviews. In addition, it looks like Corsair has discontinued most of their older model series, including the HX series.
  5. Where I am from the only brands regularly available are Antec, Cooler Master, and Corsair which is almost triple the price of the others.

    Anyway thanks a lot for your help guys. I really appreciate it.
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