Homebuilt System is failing quite badly :/ Need Help!

Hello, I built my system several months ago and have had the same problem ever since when using my 6950... I started getting occasional coloured screens and then my system would restart. I now got a replacement card (6950 again) and the issue repeats but even worse and more frequent. This does not happen when I have my nVidia 9500Gt installed. Could it be the PSU as both both 6950s require 2 6-pins whereas the NVIDIA card requires none? This is all I can think of.

Mobo - Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 965 Stock
RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance
Videocard - Was an XFX HD 6950 1gb, now an XFX 6950 2GB. System shuts down with both of them installed but not my nvidia card.
PSU - Coolermaster GX650w

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  1. I have heard that Coolermaster's are not very reliable and I have seen someone who has had a near situation as yours with a Coolermaster, try getting a different PSU, only a suggestion so don't expect it to be right :P
    Good luck :S
  2. That's what I'm thinking of doing, but since I have just had to fork out extra for a new GPU, can you recommend any cheap but reliable PSUs for me? Thanks.
  3. Robbaazz said:
    That's what I'm thinking of doing, but since I have just had to fork out extra for a new GPU, can you recommend any cheap but reliable PSUs for me? Thanks.

    It depends what range of money you are looking at, I found a Corsair 650w which are incredibly reliable, but at that are expensive (depending on the budget) I'll give you a link to it and if it isn't the right country then just search Google :P
    One other thing though, are you sure you need 600w? I'm not convinced but I'm not sure, obviously the less Wattage, the less expensive so I would try finding out :P http://www.onestoppcshop.co.uk/cmpsu-650txv2.html
  4. That PSU is a good price, however would you say 430W is enough to support the system? Im sure it is, but just to double check. :D
  5. Robbaazz said:
    That PSU is a good price, however would you say 430W is enough to support the system? Im sure it is, but just to double check. :D

    I'm not too sure about 430w, I would say 500w is a good place to sit at :P If I'm not right, someone correct me :D
  6. The wattage in the name isn't necessarily representative of its abilities. With branded PSU's this isn't really problem, but I have a generic that claims 520W, but can only provide 260W through the 12v rail (which powers the CPU and GPU). You must be careful to not pick a PSU with an inflated number (turns out they had included all the other rails in the count).

    Look up the power draw of your CPU and the GPU in question. Then check the PSU's specs, somewhere it will say " +12V@??" with the questions marks being a number. Multiplying the voltage (12 in this case) with the Amps (the number represented by the question marks) will give you the wattage it can supply, if its above what the CPU, GPU will draw under full load (preferably with 100W or more to spare), power isn't an issue.

    This doesn't apply to generics by the way, they are of such poor quality that you cant even be assured that the specs are right. PSU's do degrade over time as well, so take that into account if its a few years old.

    The Power supply OP has will output 624W through the 12v rail, which is more than enough for a Phenom and a single 6950. Power isnt the problem.
    Link to PSU, can check yourself.

    I'd be more inclined to believe that you haven't installed drivers yet, or its trying to apply the nVidia drivers to the card, and that's whats messing it up. Uninstall all video card drivers and download the latest from AMD.
  7. I will try this, how do I get rid of nVidia drivers? As when I go to delete them, they say they are already in use and I cannot delete the folder.
  8. Remove the Nvidia card first (or the AMD if what I said is happening), then try again. Try to use the uninstaller rather than just deleting the file, the uninstaller will do a much cleaner job of removing it from your system.

    Heres what Nvidia say about removing card drivers.
  9. I just un-installed the nvidia drivers, put the AMD card back in, the same thing is happening :/ What's going on?! :/
  10. Have you installed the AMD driver?

    I'l admit I'm not sure now. It cant be a manufacturing defect because its happened on two separate cards. It may be a heat issue, but thats pretty unlikely. Have you overclocked them at all, or do they come factory OC'ed? Were you using the same cable between the cards and monitor? Particularly if it was a VGA cable.
  11. It is a DVI cable, and no they are both at stock and always have been :/
  12. OK then, I have no clue.
    Maybe cash in the 6950 for a 7850, maybe its just that particular GPU that's causing troubles in your system.
  13. I already returned my OLD 6950 for this new one, so whether the vendor will allow it again I don't know. :/
  14. rob try this. boot into your mb bios and look at the rev of the bios. right it down and look at the speed in the bios that your ram running at. while in there make sure your first video boot device is set to the gpu. (could be that with onboard video being ati and another ati card there trying to run crossfire or there using the same memory rang or the ati drivers having issue with to amd gpu. with the bios info make sure you have all the bios patches installed. if they are try running cpu-z and gpu-z make sure in cpu-z that your ram is set to the right speed. (new gpu is faster card so it going to hit your cpu and ram harder). if there an issue with one of them your system may reboot. I would also go to amd site make sure you install the newest amd mb chipset drivers and video chipset drivers. after you reboot go into windows system if you see two gpu listed. I would disable the onboard gpu. if the issues still there I would see if the video card vendor can switch the amd card with a nvidia one.
  15. The Ram timings are fine, I updated my BIOS 1months ago, updated mobo drivers etc... I think it might be a hardware issue or a PSU issue :/ Im not too sure.
  16. Generally if the PSU turns on then it`s good. However, like with anything else, there are exceptions. At this point, You`re going to have try a different PSU.
    If you were to search for cooler master PSU, then you would see they are very unreliable. PC reboots when GPU loads the PSU, happens all the time - PSU...
  17. Right guys, before I buy a new power supply tommorow, could this be a serious reason for the issue or am I being a ''noob''?
    Please, need replies fast/
  18. There's a chance (albeit small) that it could be system memory causing it. I once had an issue where my games would get these trippy visual glitches that weren't artifacts. In several of my games I would see certain textures out of place or completely missing.
    It turned out to be the new ram I had installed.
  19. Based on what you`ve told us is wrong and some things you`ve already tried - PSU.
    I still think your new GPU is too much for your PSU. And yes, this would mean the PSU is faulty because 600w is plenty for your system.
    I had a system last year that would randomly restart and it ended up being the psu. Where are you buying this PSU? Check return policy and if PSU is not the problem, then simply return or exchange it for something else.
  20. PCWorld in the UK, and when my dad is purchasing it tommorow morning, he is double checking that I can return it if It does ''not fit in my case'' if you get what I mean? :)
  21. FLanighan said:
    There's a chance (albeit small) that it could be system memory causing it.

    Quick check is to boot with only one stick at a time and see if any improvement. Hope you get your computer working, it`s a nice build and you`ll certainly like it.
  22. Hehe thanks, if I have any luck I will certainly come back and say! =)
  23. Already tried it ;) I am running with one stick in atm, and I tried with one stick and the AMD card, still not working. :)
  24. Has the computer ever not wanted to start again? Maybe the fans spin up, but then shuts down again right away?
  25. The only issue I have had before this one is that the PC would repeatedly boot and crash into a blue screen, I could not do anything - not even go into safemode for 20secs. The only reason I fixed this is because I got lucky with timing and managed to boot into some system restore thingy before I got the bluescreen, it took hours of frustration though. :)
  26. Have you ever reinstalled Windows? Nothing like a fresh start.

    Anyway, go into your bios and find northbridge configuration. Once there go to internal graphics, primary video and make sure GFX0 is listed first.
    Have you made many changes in the bios? I would suggest load optimal defaults then verify pci gfx is setup and then restore anything like ahci, ram timings, etc
    Probably won`t help anything but it doesn`t hurt to check it out
  27. Hello, I just bought the new power supply, chucked it in tested it, and I got exactly the same problem. Therefore that rules that out? What shall I try next? I need to know whether this is hardware or software related. :/
  28. Did you reset bios to optimal defaults and then verify gfx0 is set to primary gfx?

    Did you reinstall windows?

    Could be in the motherboard. I`ve read elsewhere that this board isn`t very sturdy for high wattage cpu. Anyway, I don`t know what`s wrong with your computer. Exchange power supply for a motherboard? Motherboards do fail too, often capacitors will fade or bust.
  29. But surely if it holds out perfectly when my 9500gt is installed then it can't be the motherboard?
  30. Like I said earlier, I don`t know what`s wrong with your computer. I missed that the Nvidia card would work. Not psu,ram, got a 6950 replaced already. Motherboard
  31. Right, I used CCleaner to clean Registry, unistall loads of 'crap' and I used Driver Fusion to remove EVERY display driver from both AMD and Nvidia. I check the BIOS, it was set to GFX0 (and then lots of numbers etc). So I put in the 6950, and it done the same thing, what's going on?! Is it hardware related :/ Im starting to feel like i've been ripped off badly, I havn't changed anything, no overclocking, nothing. And I've ruled out Memory, CPU, Power Supply, HDD... All it can be is either the second GPU they sent me is faulty (even though they caimed to have tested it in the lab for 2 hours+) or the motherboard is faulty (even though the nvidia card works perfectly)....
  32. Also, how do I re-install windows as I don't have the original CD. :)
  33. If you have windows 7 key, then D/L an OEM from digital river. Determine your version of windows first and have key ready. google digital river windows 7 oem
  34. Do you know anyone with a computer that would allow you to test this video card
  35. My dad is looking online to see if PCWorld can test it as he has to return the Power Supply we bought anyway. :/
  36. Any more advice? I tested the GPU this morning on a diff mobo with the same HDD and stuff, it worked fine. Is it something to do with my BIOS? I really need help:/ Not sure what to do! :D:D:D <3
  37. Replace mainboard with a 970 chipset from ASRock or ASUS. Even if you get this MB working somehow it`s always going to hold your system back.
    Prepare for a new windows install on this new motherboard
  38. Why a new windows install?
  39. Windows will need reinstalled with new motherboard. There may be a work around, but why not get fresh OS with your fresh MB. Your windows key will only activate one computer at a time. Motherboard is considered the computer.
    What Windows version are you using? Do you have DVD for it? More importantly the key/COA?
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