will a G530 2.4Ghz Bottleneck my HD 6870 or would i be better getting an i5 and buying a PSU with it?
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  1. yes, the g530 is gonna bottleneck the 6870, i was using the G530 with the HD 6850 and it runs any game, new or old, but always with just 60-70% of GPU load on most games at 1440x900...sometimes it gets to 85% but just with a couple of games

    the G530 is a very good CPU for the price but only as placeholder for something better or for HTPCs

    i'm using the i3 3220 now and my 6850 runs at 99% almost every time, so is a good option for you if you don't want to spend too much, but the i5 would last longer i think

    Sorry if my English is not the best :whistle:
  2. ryan8989 said:
    will a G530 2.4Ghz Bottleneck my HD 6870 or would i be better getting an i5 and buying a PSU with it?

    Yes it will, and not only by a little. In some games more than others.
  3. Ok, thanks guys i was going to add i bought an amazing offer for £230 Pounds as i will list below:

    CPU = Intel celeron G530 2.4ghz dual core
    MOTHERBOARD= ASROCK Z77 extreme 4
    PSU = Antec 620W 80 PLUS Bronze Modular Power Supply
    CASE= AeroCool Strike-X Red GT Black/Red Gaming Mid Tower Case
    MEMORY= Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R 8GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3 Vengeance Memory - Red
    HARDDRIVE= 120GB OCZ Solid 3 SSD sata III. Read 550MB/s, Write 530MB/s. This is the boot up ssd and i also have a 500gb harddrive for storage
    DISK/DVD DRIVE= Just a regular disk/dvd drive

    for this i think was a bargain also it's a Z77 Asrock Extreme4 which supports i3/5/7 so i can upgrade a processor at any given time but i wanted to know how much of a bottleneck it would be playing games like WOW:Pandaria etc at 1280x1024 which is max my monitor supports (17") Max Settings etc :)
  4. well, the G530 and the HD 6850 let me play guild wars 2 at 1440 x 900 with some medium and high settings at 35-45 FPS so i think you will be fine for some time, and since is a 1155 socket, you can do that upgrade to i3,i5 or i7 later :hello:
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